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Default Re: The Zachary Levi/Fandral thread

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
Now maybe it's just me. But after seeing Zach posting all these pictures of himself, It's kinda making me like, i don't know, almost like he's not taking it seriously?
After how campy and over the top the character was in the first you're worried that the new guy isn't taking it seriously?

The campiness off Fandral & Volstagg was one of my biggest criticisms of THOR. They're performances/portrayal came across as tacky to me.
Maybe they're exactly like that in the comics (I don't know) but I hope that's something that's dropped or really downplayed in TDW. That's not to say I want super-serious, but you can be funny and humorous without being campy.

I really am not liking him as Fandral too much, I guess we will see soon.
We haven't seen him as Fandral yet.

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