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Default Re: Batman Forever had the best merchandising of ALL the Batman films

wow! thats a interesting piece of toy history right there! didnt know they made a keaton head already, thats impressive! i also had, and still, much of the batman forever toys and stuff from when i was a kid. i do remember that while batman returns did have much more toy offer merchandise wise then the first film, still, it wasnt a kids film and it was very hard to market something like that, considering the tone of the first one. but yes, batman forever defiently realized the marketing potential for a batman film. they tried again with B&R but since the film wasnt a success movie wise, the merchandising was pretty much just a weaker repeat of what they did with Forever. since then, the batman movies, nolans included, havent been able to repeat this with the merchandising in any form, mainly because the newer films are not for kids and there really isnt much you can market aside from a few collectibles and some REALLY crappy kids toys side from the movie masters stuff (mattel just sucks). sigh, its just not the same. when we were kids, the batman movies were THE END. just plain awsome and there was plenty of neat stuff for us kids to enjoy from it.

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