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Default Re: Bane vs Batman from BB and TDK

Originally Posted by badgrammar View Post
Dude Your F in Fanboy.
Pot, kettle, black. Yeah.

It's all up to the writers. Batman is human, and I see him lose sooooo many F in times in the comics.
Cool. How did he lose. Who whupped him one on one in a straight up fair fight?

Bane is a VILLIAN. The antagonist is supposed to lose. Don't **** a brick if the writers of the new 52 dicided to have Bane beat up Batman in a fair fight.
Using super venom that makes ya extra strong and smart ain't a fair fight.

In TDKR you have a Batman Kick more highly trained mercenaries asses than he did with the thugs in TDK.
With Catwoman's help.

In the TDK he almost got knock the F out in his Prime.
Nope. One punch to the face is not been almost knocked out mon ami.

My point is that the difference is not as much. Plus Bane would be 10 Years younger in Begins
So ya don't think Bane is some old coot in his 50's then.

Take all that into consideration.
I did. What difference does it make hmmm.

You have selected reading, You're the one in denial.
Heh and you've done such a good job showing that. Not. Your JL Doom example wasn't even right.

I'm done with repeating myself.
K, thanks, bye.

You must hate KG Beast with a passion
Why should I.

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