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Default Re: The Prequel Trilogy General Discussion and Appreciation Thread

My stance on the prequels:

TPM is good (underrated even) and I love it's bright and childish tone, it fits perfectly for Episode I, but has it's apparent flaws no doubt.

AOTC is by pretty far my least favorite SW movie. Editing and storytelling is shoddy althrough, the CGI and/or visuals are too cartoon-ish at times, Hayden is uneven as Anakin etc. I do like some things though, like the mystery plot with Obi-Wan and the Tatooine scenes with Anakin.

I love ROTS and hold it in the same high regard as much of the OT. Everything came together here, George got more comfortable with directing after warming up and experimenting in TPM and AOTC. The effects are great and I love the visuals of the movie as a whole. That intro tracking shot of the space battle is amazing! Hayden really stepped up his game from AOTC and so did Portman. I like their interaction and the love feels real, the scenes at Mustafar between them really breaks my heart.

As for the prequels as a whole I don't get the hate. Even though some of the films are uneven and quite flawed, I still love what the prequels brought to the mythos. I love how it expanded the live-action universe, I loved seeing the awesome duels, I loved getting new and fantastic SW music from Williams, I loved Ewan as Obi-Wan, I love everything involving Ian as Palpatine, I loved many of the new characters, I loved most of the designs, loved the nods to the OT etc.

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