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Default Re: Bane vs Batman from BB and TDK

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
I own the Justice League: Doom movie. That's not how it plays out:

Batman is informed by Alfred that the bodies of Thomas and Martha Wayne have been exhumed and are missing. When Bruce arrives at his parents' graves, he is ambushed by Bane. The emotional distraction is enough to grant Bane the upper hand and render Bruce unconscious. Just watch the video. He surprise attacks Bruce from behind by being in disguise and knocking him into the open grave, and throwing a headstone at him then knocks him out.

How is that a fair fight?

He was pumped up on the venom in that fight, too. Look at his size from 0:01-0:12. That's Bane's size before he uses the venom. Then look at him at the grave yard scene. Same size as he is in the final fight scene, too.
I was talking about the fight at the end of the movie. Did you even watch the F en movie or just clips on youtube? Are you that blind???? They had a fair fight at the end of the movie until Bane used his venom which caused him to lose the fight . Bane was beating him without the venom. That indicates that Bane is able to defeat Batman in a fair fight. You are in denial or just a troll???

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