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Default Re: Can anyone compare Captain America to Batman?

I kinda think they are both like Batman in certain ways:

Captain America: Strong drive/conviction, very rigorous physical training, selfless in the face of danger, tactical genious, great sense of integrity.

Tony: Genious Intellect, Inventive, reliance on technology, extreme wealth/funding with great production capabilities, photographic memory, great computer skills.

Batman: Strong drive (to the point of being suicidal), selfless in the face of danger, very rigorous training, tactical genious, great sense of integrity, genious intellect, inventive, relies strongly on gadgets and deception, extremely wealthy, wayne industries can manufacture what he needs, photographic memory, forensic expert, criminologist, great computer skills

Batman relies on both Gadgets, Learned skills and Strength, Captain America relies mostly on Strength and learned skills, and Tony relies almost exclusively on his 'Gadget' (suit) along with the skill it takes to wield it, which I assume is fairly easy on account of him probably designing it to be very intuitive, coupled with onboard computer aid.

Batman and Ironman are my favorite characters, but I gravitate more towards batman on account of him having such discipline along with despite only wearing kevlar etc. he has no problem standing side by side with Superman or the like fighting his enemies with speed agility and guile instead of brute force in direct opposition to Starks reckless and at times self-centered ways, Tony does have a great sense of humor in the face of adversity that Batman and Cap doesn't share. Ok I went off track there so I'll just end the post here.

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