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Default Re: Ten rings to rule them all...

I'm wondering about the past references to Atlantis within the Iron Man franchise.
Are these just throwaway easter eggs?

As we know certain seeds have been planted that connect to later movies within the franchise, but some things are more like easter eggs.

With the fact that all the Mandarin/10 rings clues are now amounting to something big, I'm wondering if there's a reason that the Oracle company is briefly referenced in the series, even though it seems like it could be one of those throwaway easter eggs.

If the rings are still the source of Mandarin's power I'm leaning towards them being a form of ancient technology...
This idea has been proposed by others, but we know the rings are not powered by magic, or alien technology.
Plus the Makluan subplot has been removed.

What if the rings are a form of semi-ancient technology that Mandarin still finds in a cave in China while on an archaeological excavation? Something that links Mandarin to Atlantis/Lemuria so that Namor can eventually be brought in further down the line or after the credits. Mandarin knows they're important to China's history (or east Indian/Middle eastern history) and believes they're related to the Lemurians/Atlanteans; revealing bits and pieces of his true beliefs as he teaches a few history lessons about Genghis Khan and empires. On-screen Mandarin becomes even more of a mixture of Earth cultures and portrays himself as sort of a mystical Oracle in some ways. One who makes statements about the future because he's studied the past. A historian/teacher of Earth's true history (in his perspective) who says that America's Empire will fall like Atlantis. There are no true heroes that can stop it. Heroes are only a myth to Mandarin, however he believes most myths have some truth to them, knows about Thor etc. Thinks things from myths were more like a form of advanced science than magic, and embraces their cultures, along with many others who reject the current view of things and America's dominance.

The rings do nothing for now, but they're a symbol of a different time on Earth and each represents part of Mandarin's hidden Empire--symbols of a time where America was not in control. Mandarin believes America and Shield are covering up the past (i.e. all their misdeeds and the Atlanteans). He AIMS to change & teach the world. But first he Aims to teach the world about heroes through eliminating Stark. He believes it's false that anyone who serves America could be a hero, because they're guilty by association with Shield; who allows the world to believe Atlantis doesn't exist (he's on the Lemurian side, and believes the Atlanteans were at fault...) Leading to a business move and a practical move that gets one of the newly revealed heroes out of the way. They threaten his plans for world domination. Namor has already been dealt with off-screen, deposed as head of his own company. Mandarin controls Oracle as well as AIM, secretly funded Hammer Industries, the 10 rings terrorist group, and had previous dealings with Stane. Each were part of his Empire and represented by a ring. In my view he secretly runs multiple corporations and groups, appropriates tech and resources from everywhere, and has most of his controlling shares in AIM and Oracle. Others show up to reclaim control of their companies/group after Iron Man defeats Mandarin. Namor retakes control of his company in the after-credits, and someone who will be in Captain America: Winter Soldier regains control of AIM directly before this. The movie would be all about Mandarin temporarily having control over a lot of things. Juxtaposed with Tony losing control and having to regain it.

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