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Default Re: Small Plot Hole in TDKR?

Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
When has Nolan ever used dual editing? It was real time. Otherwise it didn't make sense the way it was shot.
Nolan always plays with time in both the writing and editing of his films. That's one of the things he's known for.

An example of this would be in TDK...during the chase scene. From cut to cut we end up with Bat-pod in a mall heading towards the garage, to him already well outside the mall and in the garage, then in the middle of a busy street between two cars to suddenly turning into an alley. Flat out jump cuts, almost like a mini montage, but then quickly back to real time.

Obviously the point of cutting the nuke sequence in such an elliptic way was to let us have the emotional response to Batman's death that the rest of the characters have. It's about prolonging tension for a bigger emotional catharsis. That's not the same as a plot hole. It's a plot omission, not a plot hole. The two are not synonymous. And yup, the movie has tons of 'em.

Oh, and before you say it- it's fine if you thought Batman's death was emotional fluff and cheating the audience, etc. Obviously I don't, otherwise I'd be on your side of the argument .

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