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Default Re: The Official Bane Costume Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by WolframCreative View Post
pardon me, but why do the GCFX masks have a bad rep on here? A lot of work was put into them for a small operation.
Well for me its because
1. GCFX was busted a few weeks ago on the RPF for recasting an Iron Man statue and trying to pass it off as their own original work and then they went off on an egotistical rant about how great their company is and how much money they make. There were also allegations of their batsuit being a recast off of the Hell's Kitchen suit.

2. Because there were also some claims that the original sculpter of the mask was never compensated for her work but those claims aren't as credible as the others.

Even taking away #2 I wouldn't do business with them solely for #1 and just for how rude they acted on the RPF after they were caught. Very immature. Honestly it's not so much the mask as it is the stigma of GCFX in general.

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