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Default Re: The (potential) Masters of Evil thread

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Nope. Thanos did *not* send Loki. Loki wanted Earth for himself, and he went to Thanos to ask for an army. Loki was just a fortuitous accident for Thanos.

Again: nobody in the MCU other than Loki knows about Thanos at this point. As far as Fury, the Avengers, and the rest of the world are concerned, the entirety of that movie is about Loki materializing at the JDEM lab, stealing the Cube, raising an alien army, and getting his ass kicked. There's no "Thanos" in that equation whatsoever, from an earthly perspective.

Where's your quote that Feige says there's going to be a trilogy, or that Thanos will be in Phase 3? There's exactly the same "burden of proof" on me that there is on you, pal. That's what you need to accept.
Sam, it can be seen from both points. There is no burdon of proof for either right now, as I said, fiege's quote can be interpreted both ways. Until something is confirmed, we should be acting like smart asses and know it alls, cause none of us is more right than the other.

So I say, outside of JUST speaking our opinion, we should let this go.

And I don't think Loki went to Thanos. You are jumping all over the place. Didn't you say you thought Thanos set Loki up for failure? So he can get the tesseract back in asgard, so he can infiltrate and and retrieve the gauntlet? Now you are saying Loki decided to go to Thanos?

Personally I believe that Thanos found Loki, lost. Said to him (with his true motive in mind), well, pursuaded him with power, and rule, to take the tesseract from earth. Do this for me, and you will have power, and I will give you the army.

That's the point of thanos being the one pulling Loki's strings. No?

Make up your mind dude lol It's hard to get a read on your opinion sometimes lol

Originally Posted by I'm Venom View Post
Jumping ahead a bit, don't you think? The second movie isn't even finished, and you're talking about its sequel. I can only imagine we'll get some more hints with upcoming movies; it's pretty early to really tell what they're going to do.

Seeing Thanos in Avengers 3 would be cool, but I'm hoping to see the Masters of Evil with Baron Zemo.
See, my gut tells me that is going to happen in avengers 2. Zemo most likely is going to be around in phase 2. And apparently thanos will have a presence in all these movies. according to the leaks.

Here is my opinion on what is going to happen. don't jump at me, cause its just an opinion.

Personally, I think that the reason for all these villains being introduced is because they are somehow going to creat an MCU version of the MoE, assembled by Thanos. and the MoE will be the ones who the avengers "fight" in the second movie. Thanos will still be in it. He will be a frequently appearing character, but his motives, or even presence, or even existance is still unknown till say, the end of the movie.

With Ironman 3 introducing manderin, radioactive man, Cap 2 introducing Crossbones, and who ever is pulling his strings (probably zemo) thor introducing malekith, and kurse (though both will probably die) and we still have the abomination.

So lets look at all the villains being introduced in phase 2. Assuming the rumors are true. Assumimg.

Manderin, radioactive man, Winter Solider, Cross Bones, Baron Zemo, Surtur, Malekith, Kurse,

plus villains we already have, Abomination, "The Other"

some of these villains very well could be used for a masters of evil type thing, recruited by thanos for whatever reason, guys like, radioactive man, Manderin, Crossbones, Zemo, maybe Kurse, pluss the abomination.

The fact that all these characters are being introduced, and if Thanos is suppose to have a role in the whole of these movies as said, that leads me to believe that there will be some type of team to fight the avengers. Resulting in Thanos getting..something..which will lead to an infinity gauntlet avengers 3.

That right now is how I see it playing out. It's just my opinion, but based on what I have derrived this opinion from, if anyone says that it is illogical, you are just being ignorant

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