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Default Re: Thor's power level

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
Iron Man will be the one to beat, if his past appearances are anything to go by. With the addition of jet packs on his back, he was able to pull some stunts that made all previous flying scenes look lame in comparison. Hovering, flying on his back while shooting targets behind him, pulling up and banking, Iron Man just kicked ass in The Avengers. ILM was at the peak of its powers and now Disney owns them, which means it should only get better.

Disney's acquisition of ILM should also help Thor's FX immensely, or at least I hope that it will. Now they won't have to let the work out to inferior graphics houses. Hopefully we can see some extended flying sequences, coupled with more use of lightning.
I wonder if ILM's doing the FX for TDW, since TDW was already filiming before Disney bought Lucasfilm.

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