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Default Re: Now that Disney has acquired Lucas films...

Originally Posted by YoungPrime View Post
We've spoke on this before. I wasn't a comic book reader when this film came out but I did watch the cartoon on Fox Kids in the 90's just like millions of other people so trust me, the GA can tell the difference between a 5'3 Wolverine and 6ft Hugh Jackman. It wasn't just comic book fans.

It's not realistic to expect the studios to find actors who can conform to the extreme physical characteristics of some of these roles. It would be all but impossible to find an actor as short as Wolverine, or even close to his height, who is also muscular and capable of playing an action hero. I know a body builder who is my height (5'4") but even at his most ripped he couldn't have pulled off the Logan look from the comics. It's an extreme body type that simply isn't easy or perhaps even possible to approximate in reality.

Considering how much derision shorter actors face from fans, I wonder how well an extremely short man playing such a prominent role would be perceived by the public. Any actor under 6 feet tall comes in for a lot of ridicule on fan forums, as do a few who are over 6 feet but still deemed not tall enough. It's a near certainty that if they had found a short, musclebound man to play Wolverine there would have been some whining about his height, too.

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