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Default Re: The (potential) Masters of Evil thread

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
Sam, it can be seen from both points. There is no burdon of proof for either right now, as I said, fiege's quote can be interpreted both ways. Until something is confirmed, we should be acting like smart asses and know it alls, cause none of us is more right than the other.

So I say, outside of JUST speaking our opinion, we should let this go.
I'm perfectly fine with speaking opinions, as long as we realize they're just that right now. Doc is the one trying to say The Question's theories are wrong because they don't jibe with *his* opinion about a Thanos Trilogy.

And I don't think Loki went to Thanos. You are jumping all over the place. Didn't you say you thought Thanos set Loki up for failure? So he can get the tesseract back in asgard, so he can infiltrate and and retrieve the gauntlet? Now you are saying Loki decided to go to Thanos?

Personally I believe that Thanos found Loki, lost. Said to him (with his true motive in mind), well, pursuaded him with power, and rule, to take the tesseract from earth. Do this for me, and you will have power, and I will give you the army.

That's the point of thanos being the one pulling Loki's strings. No?

Make up your mind dude lol It's hard to get a read on your opinion sometimes lol
It's not hard to figure out my theory at all, nor is it contradictory. Look: Loki vanishes into the cosmos at the end of Thor. During his travels through the void, he winds up literally on the doorstep of Thanos, who he may or may not know from Adam's housecat. In any event, his plan to take Earth was already hatched by the end of Thor --- if Thor was going to rule Asgard, Loki was going to rule Midgard. So Thanos and Loki made a deal....Thanos gave him an army in return for the Cube. At least that's what Thanos tells Loki; in reality, he's manipulating him into unwittingly opening the "back door" to Asgard and Odin's Treasury.

Taking over Earth was always Loki's idea, not Thanos'. Thanos doesn't give a **** about a podunk planet like Earth. (Yet.) All Thanos wanted was to get his Glove back, so Loki's arrival was nothing more than wonderful serendipity that Thanos took full advantage of.


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