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Default Re: The Official Bane Costume Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by BREAD WARRIOR View Post
And GCFX is claiming that it is their own original work, not a recast and that's just downright lying and stealing of someone else's work or arrangement or whatever deal Hell's Kitchen made when buying their suit because wherever they bought it from definitely knew what they were gonna do with it. Same thing with the Iron Man suit. They went down swinging claiming that was original even after that was proven as a lie.

Well, I am a member of the local artist community. I know they guy who did the production sculpt on the CGFX Bane, (that was a complete sculpt from start to finish, the first sculptor failed doing it and didn't even have it roughed out and it had to be scrapped 100%, the young lady was payed quite well, I know her too), and they guy who did all the work on piece dialed it in, and IMO rocked it at the time.

From my 12 year experience in this industry, this just sounds like sour grapes and to claim that (in a replica costume forum) "someone ripped another person off" is petty, considering these costumes and masks are not copies of studio pieces, but replicas made by fans to honor the property. Unless you are there to verify what was done, don't dare call someone a recaster. Too many artists putting their hard work into something for other people to be torn down because it "looks" like something someone else made, which is why artists take their time and put such hard work into it.

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