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Default Re: The Official Bane Costume Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by BREAD WARRIOR View Post
I'm not 100% positive but as I understand it the Hell's Kitchen is casted off a production used stunt suit and that is well known. And I'm willing to bet they paid a lot more money than GCFX did when buying a Hell's Kitchen suit or atleast they had to utilize some serious connections to get it or even both. And GCFX is claiming that it is their own original work, not a recast and that's just downright lying and stealing of someone else's work or arrangement or whatever deal Hell's Kitchen made when buying their suit because wherever they bought it from definitely knew what they were gonna do with it. Same thing with the Iron Man suit. They went down swinging claiming that was original even after that was proven as a lie.

Please, read my post below. It's not fair that you are so angry toward a person on a haven for people to mish-mash replica costumes and pieces to get the most accurate one. I'm a member of that forum as well, and claims of "recasting" on that place is kind of laughable. The thread you mentioned pretty much ended on a note of "We should really stop talking about this, since we are all guilty of it".

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