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Default Re: The Official Bane Costume Thread - Part 4

Okay well like I said I wasn't sure about the Bane mask situation and the batsuit is a topic that is majorly believed to be a recast but even giving them the benefit of the doubt on those two, that doesn't excuse the whole Iron Man situation. If the thread was still on the RPF I would happily link to it as it had all the evidence necessary as well as people who talked to the original creators of the statue confirming the details that only the statue has and not the screen-used armor.

They were given many chances to prove themselves by posting WIP pictures to prove their innocence but instead they argued with every member and complained about everyone slandering them and they started throwing "profits" they had made in order to "justify" themselves. When they finally got pictures up they just coincidently didn't work and instead of trying to resolve that picture issue and prove their innocence they continued to fight with everyone as well as talk down to members who had made some great Iron Man pieces by saying their props were so bad they threw "them in the the trash" (which they also had time to take a picture and upload of but not resolve the pictures that actually mattered).

Originally Posted by WolframCreative View Post
Please, read my post below. It's not fair that you are so angry toward a person on a haven for people to mish-mash replica costumes and pieces to get the most accurate one. I'm a member of that forum as well, and claims of "recasting" on that place is kind of laughable. The thread you mentioned pretty much ended on a note of "We should really stop talking about this, since we are all guilty of it".
And no while some people said that (a very small minority) it actually ended with them being banned and labeled recasters and the thread being closed.

EDIT: Seems I was wrong the thread is right here.

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