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Default Re: The (potential) Masters of Evil thread

Originally Posted by jaqua99
Personally, I think that the reason for all these villains being introduced is because they are somehow going to creat an MCU version of the MoE, assembled by Thanos. and the MoE will be the ones who the avengers "fight" in the second movie. Thanos will still be in it. He will be a frequently appearing character, but his motives, or even presence, or even existance is still unknown till say, the end of the movie.
It depends on which plot is used. If Thanos is provided with certain items that will grant him certain abilities, not a person will be able to beat him. I don't think that'll happen though; what would be the fun in having a movie where Thanos godstomps all of the heroes? Movie versions are almost always much weaker than their comic counterparts. Most significant examples being Loki and the Destroyer.

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