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Default Re: The Official Bane Costume Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by WolframCreative View Post
No, it ended with the forum walking away from the conversation. Again, please try to refrain from calling people recasters without knowing the story. You already walked into a wall and got your nose bloodied in this Bane mask topic.
Haha so you're telling me I'm wrong by saying in that thread they were labeled recasters and banned? The community did not "walk away" if anything a lot of them wanted to report them to the company that made the statue and punish them further. And I clearly stated that I wasn't sure about the bane mask allegations and those were the least credible. I'm talking about the thread I posted which CLEARLY supports that they recasted that armor. As far as that goes in my opinion that story is a done deal and pretty concrete in its proof. Not really a matter of opinion.

And like I've said and what was shown in that thread, they had many chances to show how it was produced and yet they never showed any proof or tried to prove their claims of it all being originally made.

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