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Default Re: The Official Bane Costume Thread - Part 4

Again, not here to fight. But you seem to have some strong issues with labeling people "recasting" stuff without any obvious real inside shop knowledge or knowing the people involved (I also know for a fact GCFX and Hell's Kitchen have no beef, and that Iron Man "template"/ statue thing has been bebunked since GCFX was/ is still working on sculpting the suit), so just keep that attitude dialed back and try to keep walking into walls and hurting yourself. You are asking for people to divulge information on in-process construction of things that are not even ready to be shown. You sound very immature, and a bit to cocky for being involved in this industry (if you even are). It is not cool to throw around labels like that in a public forum for amateurs & professionals with no ground to stand on.

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