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Default Re: Casting the DC Universe - Part 1

Originally Posted by Doomsheep View Post
There is one HUGE flaw in these castings. All the actors tend to look like Normal humans in the comics. Imagine for a second Pee Wee Herman going against Arnold's Terminator Or Conan the Barbarian.. who would win? Super Heroes in comics are at the PEAK of human condition. They look like Olympic Class Athletes, Professional bodybuilders or Pro Wrestlers not Cab Drivers or Drama Actors. Look at Actors in action films how many look like 90 lbs fit guy & gals NONE?

The One thing I've always liked about DC over marvel is Muscles = Strength. The more you have the stronger looking the character. Imagine for example Jim Gortdon lifting a locomotive & throwing it a mile away. No one would believe the character can do this based on his thin non muscular build however you take Brock Lesner & place him in the same scenario & it's more believable.

The women also look athletic & sexy no one would believe Olive Oil as Supergirl or Wonder Woman This is why the NBC pilot FAILED Palicki simply did NOT fill out the costume properly. Anne Hathaway however DID fill out the catwoman Costume & therefore was far more believable.

Remember folks they need to look like the character from the TOES up not just the NECK up.
I see this line of reasoning all the time and it baffles me. If you want bodybuilders who can't act, there are plenty of fanfilms out there for you. If you want Triple H playing Thor, you're just plain out of luck.

This line of reasoning basically reveals a preference for looks over talent. Yes, some wrestler might look more like Superman from the neck down, because all comic book characters are drawn with exaggerated proportions. But that doesn't mean he can play the character.

And your point about the WW pilot is completely off base. That show failed because it was bad, not because the lead actress didn't "fill out the costume" (which all photographic evidence contradicts, in any event).

And what superhero movies are you even watching? Did you miss Thor (Hemsworth), TDKR (Hardy), Batman Begins (Bale), X-Men 3 (Cudmore), Jackman in all iterations of Wolverine, Tom Jane as the Punisher, or Cavill in the MOS footage? Outside of maybe Brandon Routh, who has really come up short physically? If you really think the people just mentioned are "too small," you just have completely unrealistic expectations.

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