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Default Re: Casting the DC Universe - Part 1

Originally Posted by The_Mighty_Thor View Post
Of course the flip side of this argument is that it takes years to build up any significant size with out roids. Most actors would age themselves out of the role before they could build themselves into it. Geting into shape and looking more cut is one thing, putting on some size over sevral months is possible but if they have to far to go it won't happen.
Bale put on 100 lbs. in like 12 months. It's not that hard when you've got good trainers and a work ethic. I'm fairly confident Bale didn't juice, he basically got back to his normal weight then added about 35 lbs. If you look at him in BB, he definitely doesn't have the roided look (super veiny), he looks like he has some body fat (not a gripe at all, btw, just further proof that the dude ate like a beast).

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