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Default Re: Tom Welling - Clark Kent/Superman : The Man Behind The Cape

Here's a question: as the show was closing, the suit was seen, it was the SR suit/prop. The reason why it was chosen was because the producers felt that the SR suit, or the Routh suit, fit more with their universe than the Reeve suit, which was another choice and one fans brought up as well because the SR suit was for Brandon Routh, and was felt that Routh's suit wouldn't fit Welling.

My question is: the Reeve suit would fit Welling, but not fit the universe; the Routh suit did fit the universe, but not Welling; what about the Dean Cain suit from Lois & Clark?

Yeah, the suit is divided between fans in terms of quality, but unlike the Routh suit, the Cain suit did look like it was homeamde as the origin of the suit itself from the show. Plus, unlike the Routh suit, did sport a yellow "S". Other fixes would've been easy I think, because I think they would just change the belt to something "normal" like a black one with a gold buckle (giving it a Golden Age feel).

So, what of it? Could that have worked better or not, and yes this is a Welling thread, so would he have been able to wear that suit, or willing to do so?

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