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Default Re: Ultimate Spider-Man animated series discussion thread - Part 1

What I really like about this first season:
  • The art style: Some faces are used again and again, but the art in general looks really good
  • Norman & Octavius: Working behind the scenes trying to get Spider-Man powers to sell it as a weapon, that is a great idea imo, very loosely based on the Oz formula idea from the first arc in Ultimate Spider-Man and the second Goblin arc. Ock's failure and the lab destruction on him, Norman's impatience, Ock's fight vs Spider-Man, Ock stealing the Iron Man idea, and finally reaching to the Goblin arc in the end
  • Episodes and moments when Spider-Man operates with the team less
  • Iron-Spider: I honestly love the suit, wanted to see it animated in a show
  • Seeing Iron Fist & Luke Cage in animation, with a better looking costume for IF than his original suit used in A:EMH
  • Taskmaster, and Phil Coulson
  • Aunt May being hip

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