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Default Re: Did anyone see 1989's movie in theaters?

Originally Posted by GothamAlleys View Post
Depends in which country. Excerpt from NY Times article

“Batman” was aesthetically and thematically so dark that on the eve of release in Belgium, a few months after its stateside release, it was banned. Children under 16 weren't allowed to see it. Despite the fact that the Board had recently approved the “Rambo” movies and “License to Kill,” they held to their guns. “Batman” was perceived as much more dangerous than those other violent films dark tone and sensibility were more frightening than violence. The Belgian Police was actually present at cinemas to enforace the ruling
Something like this happened with me living in Ecuador in the 80's as an 8 year old even with my uncle present the theaters wouldn't let me in to see Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom but they were ok years later when I was 11 to see Robocop

A few of the Marvel Superheroes are somewhat niche characters that aren't extremely versatile, thus they don't have a lot of longevity potential. For example, Namor is a water guy, Silver Surfer is a space guy, Dr. Strange is a magic guy, and so on.
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