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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Alexei should've been banned a year ago.

He was a complete and utter ass.

I remember how he would ***** and moan about runtimes and then when someone would give specific examples counter to his views he'd completely ignore them and go on other stupid nonsense in another post.

From his posts it sounds like he has actor friends in Hollywood and the industry. I get he's a fan, but his views were so strange to me. At points he acted like a Blades Shades (remember him anybody) type cheerleader for 20th Century Fox but now he's getting all panty twisted that Wolverine 2 is PG-13. Seriously? Fox will never ever release a movie with Wolverine with an R rating. Also, I love violence and gore but honestly Wolverine doesn't have to be an R-rated character. Even my favorite Wolverine story by Claremont/Miller was NOT horrendously gory. I've seen regular superhero comics with material that was far more questionable and gorier. But Fox will never release this movie with R-rating.

OMG his boy Aronofsky wrote the perfect script it needs to be an R-rating. Seriously shut up. Aronofsky left the project. It's not his project anymore. Movies change a lot in the script stage and from script to production. That's part of the game.

If Alexei loves and has so much faith in Fox why is he being so obstinate about this project?

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