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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

In a lot of ways, I feel like the creation of "Superman Returns" and its ultimate inability to press on with creating a franchise, thus leading to the events that resulted in "Man of Steel" being created was like a "blessing in disguise" for Superman fans of many types in several different ways. How?

1. Well, if you were a fan of the TV Show "Smallville", in particular, ED's portrayal of Lois Lane and the overall Clark and Lois dynamics, then you'd be happy to know that it was because of Singer and his decision to make his superman story a "return" one that allowed the TV producers to bring Lois into the show when their previous attempts had proven unsuccessful with the former Directors that were attached to the Superman Film project prior before Singer came on board.

With the film franchise going on another temporary hiatus, it allowed the show to finally break free from a lot of the creative restrictions that they had due to the film development, and allowed them things like being able to use the SR suit for their own product (even though the reception of that idea was somewhat mixed).

2. It was because of Singer wanting to use Marlon Brando's version of Jor-el that forced Warner Bros. to find a settlement with Brando's estate, thus giving them the rights to finally show the long lost footage of Brando in his performance as Jor-el for Donner's original take of "Superman 2", which many people at the time thought that they would never see.

3. In a lot of ways, given on how CR's last Superman film was considered the worst of the bunch, SR served as a good sense of closure to that era/period of Superman-on-film, in particular with things like the Crystal Designs for Krypton, The Red Trunks on live action format, and most notably; the John Williams Score for Superman's main theme.

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