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Default Re: Casting the DC Universe - Part 1

Originally Posted by The_Mighty_Thor View Post
Have you ever done it? I mean since you're telling us it's not that hard. I used to fight competitively and I gained weight to go up a weight class for a while and it is pretty damn hard to put on a substantial amount of weight over a fairly short period.

Bale gained a lot of weight but most of it was fat and he trimmed it off before filming. He didn't add 100lbs of muscle in a year. You couldn't even do that with roids.

When you've dieted and lost weight your body wants to get back to it's natural weight. That happens effortlessly and quickly. So basically he put on 35 pounds in a year and that wasn't all muscle.

Roids don't give you a veiny look. They don't give you any specific look. It's a combination of roids, diet and a specific work out routine that makes you look that way. Even the body builders only look really cut and veiny when they peek for a competition. They don't look like that year round but most of them are on the roids year round.

I'm not sure if Bale had any help putting on his weight but in reality he didn't gain that much muscle. Typically 10 -15 pounds is a tough goal for a years time but some poeple blessed with an endomorphic physic and having the perfect work out routine and diet right from the beggining could add more.
I've gained 30 lbs. in about 6 months, going from 150 to 180 lbs. And that was with full-time school and a job, and no personal trainer. So yeah, 100 lbs. in 12 months with the best food, training and supplements money can buy is not that hard.

Also note that I mentioned he really only added about 35 lbs. to his natural frame of about 185 lbs. So I don't really know who you're arguing with on that point, because it's clearly not me.

You're experience of fighting is not comparable. I'm sure you had to keep your body fat down, something which actors in superhero movies don't necessarily have to do (i.e. Bale in BB). They'll mostly be in costumes where mass is valued over definition. Even if they need to do a shirtless scene, they can cut during production and do those shots on the back end of shooting.

Also never said he gained 100 lbs. of muscle, just 100 lbs. Again, not sure who you're arguing with.

The post of this (which I fear we've veered from), is that the argument for wrestlers/bodybuilders for superhero roles is silly for a number of reasons. One of which is that actors are more than capable of being "big enough" for such roles, and I used Bale as an example in response to another poster's point that it would take too long for a normal actor to add sufficient mass.

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