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Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
I do wonder how they will make Crossbones a challenge for Cap: will he get a superhuman upgrade from some super soldier serum knockoff or the like? Or will he be just a highly skilled human who cheats massively whenever they fight?
I get what you're saying as far as their physical match-up. I honestly, wouldn't mind seeing him being just at the most physical peak a human can get without assistance. He still is a master combatant and weapons guy, serum or not. He is a villain, sure he will cheat, but I wouldn't mind seeing him characterized as a pretty good battle strategist himself. It might add a bit more cat-and-mouse feel to it, as what he lacks in physical ability makes up for it with ingenuity, and the like.

Maybe that will make him even more dangerous and extreme and even though he isn't Caps physical equal, every time Cap encounters him, he gets a sense that it could be his last fight because he'll do whatever it takes in addition to being skilled in his own right.

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