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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

lol, no. I mean, yeah, if you really hate the film through and through, sure. But even though I feel TDK is the best one in the trilogy, TDKR surpassed a lot of things from the first two entries, IMO.

The fight sequences were a huge step-up. Bane vs Batman part I truly exceeded my expectations, and I'm actually a fan of the way Nolan films/constructs his hand to hand combat.

The whole angle on Blake(Robin) being Bruce's successor really tied the trilogy together. In BB Bruce wants to inspire people to stand up and fight the good fight. In TDK he ends up inspiring a possible hero with a face in Harvey Dent, but unfortunately, Dent wasn't strong enough and succumbed to madness. In TDKR everything comes back to Bruce's speech on the plane in BB, about being more than a man, a symbol.

We can all agree that Anne Hathaway was the leading lady we deserved from day one as Selina Kyle. Not much else to say about her marvelous performance. I wish we had more from Talia after her initial reveal, but everything up until that point I enjoyed very much.

All the stuff with Bruce in the pit and his gradual return as Batman was phenomenal. I just watched the scenes of him trying to escape the pit and his eventual "Rise" from it and man it's extremely powerful stuff.

I still need to see the film again to finally say where I feel it stands in the trilogy, but for now it's definitely a few pegs behind TDK, even if it improved on a few things.

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