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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

Imo, The Dark Knight Rises, while obviously not flawless, is the best of the trilogy and definitely breaks the third CBM curse as well as being the monumental ending to a great trilogy.

Now, were there things that even I would've changed in TDKR? Of course, but I think TDKR was a great ending to already a great trilogy and will be remembered among the ranks of the original Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, et cetera.

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You should at least give your reasons of why you think such instead of just telling everyone to discuss, lol.

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Deffo the worst Nolan movie
Insomnia says hi

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Then there's Batman, who going by the timeline of the films was only around for a year/year and a half before quitting, and he was kinda terrible at it too. He really wasn't much of a detective, there was like a scene of detective work shown out of all three of the movies. And he seemed to engage in a lot wanton destruction of property.
So because of there not being much detective work in the trilogy, it means Batman was terrible at his job? Even if Batman was only around for a year and a half or so, he still took out the League of Shadows at that time, was majorly responsible of taking out the mobs and took down a little known psychotic named Joker who is Batman's greatest enemy in the comics or anything.

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