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Default Re: Skyfall vs. TDKR

Originally Posted by Mace Dolex View Post
I like Batman too and even if I didn't like TDKR (which I didn't) I would never say that a Bond film is better, no way never gonna happen. Sure I might like Skyfall as I did CR and QoS but I wouldn't rank them among my ten best lists.
You didn't like TDKR, but you liked those Bond movies. If you can't admit a Bond movie is better than a Batman movie when you feel it is, then how can you expect your opinions to be taken seriously? Is it just some blind allegiance to being a Batman fan?

Well that's the case with every Bond girl, they're only hired for their looks not acting, just look at whatsherface from Casino Royale and whatsherface from QoS.
I'd rate both of those women far above Rachel Dawes in the acting, looks, and characterization department.

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