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Default Re: Now that Disney has acquired Lucas films...

Originally Posted by Gold Samurai View Post
I'd like to add that the first "X-men" movie also looked cheap. Probably was made cheap. The mutants using their powers never felt extraordinary. It was just okay.

Wolverine flipping back on one of the Statue of Liberty's crown looked really fake.

The first X-Men movie was filmed on the cheap. The film's budget was a measly $75 million, so they couldn't afford good effects, or even as many effects shots as the film should have had. When it was being filmed Bryan Singer gave interviews where he said that Fox slashed his desired budget and forced him to remove many of the planned FX shots to save money. As a result, the characters never used their powers in any impressive way. There were no huge storms, Iceman never iced up, Magneto bent a little metal here and there, and the finale was somewhat of a letdown.

But that's Fox's strategy: Cut budgets to the detriment of quality, so they can wring every last bit of profit out of a property. They don't care if their superhero movies look like crap, as both FF movies proved.

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