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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

I have been working on a Spider Woman screenplay based on Bendis and the Luna Brothers' Spider Woman: Origin miniseries, (which means that Jessica was born and grew up in the 80s/90s) albeit with a few changes to better fit it into the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

1: I've taken out the High Evolutionary, who works much better for a Thor or X-Men movie.

2: I've taken out Taskmaster. That pirate garb just doesn't fit the tone of the MCU and would just be laughed off the screen. Besides, Taskmaster works about as well as a true believer of any sort as would say, Bullseye or Deadpool.

3: I've changed the Dialogue to better reflect the Samuel L. Jackson Nick Fury.

4: I've changed the Dialogue to give Jessica a little more of a British flavor, particularly when she's angry. Oh, and I've been picturing her as Emma Watson.

5: I've replaced Madam Hydra (Who would have basically come out of nowhere simply for a cameo, causing most non-comic readers in the audience to scratch their collective heads) with Red Skull.

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