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Default Re: Sigyn Goddess of Fidelity and Wife of Loki

That is good to hear. Interesting that she praises the "heterosexual female gaze" there and yet to me that was definitely the most annoying part of Jane and Darcy in Thor. They were acting like horny silly schoolgirls, when at least one of them should have been much more mature than that! I pretty much immediately lost respect for the character and lost interest in it as a love story due to that stuff. (the dishes in the cupboard instead of the sink, the almost driving off the road due to Thor's hotness...). Not that' he's not hot, I just dont like her behavior there. It's the one thing I dread if they do have more Jane-Thor in Thor 2, that there's going to be more of that silly horny girl behavior.

And no mention of Frigga in that article there is interestingly. One thing that the article I mentioned, is that society tends to devalue those whose choose to stay home and raise a family. They are ignored or devalued as a person and a woman, oftentimes. But being a strong root or base to one's family is INCREDIBLY important to society as a whole, and that is very difficult to do when both parents are mostly concerned with their careers. Children are the future and they need a stable environment to be raised in order to best fit and function in society. People who forgo a "career" to provide a solid base to raise their family are as valuable or more to society as someone who decides to become a workaholic scientist or Asgaridan warrior -whether that person is male or female. But feminism it seems to some means that women who do this should be looked down upon or ignored, like Frigga and Sigyn. (although Frigga may have gotten more notice from the poster if some of the deleted scenes had stayed in)

and... [begin rant/] I think I just should not read any more Sigyn/Loki stuff from the comics when I see them scanned. It annoys the bejezus out of me what a bad job they did with her. Basically, he kills the man she loves, because she's pretty and he wants her, then he makes himself look like the guy so he can trick Odin into marrying them. Then when all is revealed she could get out of the marriage but instead she stays with Loki, not because she loves him but because they are married. ??? Then later, she is trying to make a go of it, and becomes really annoyingly doting and clingy to Loki, and he cheats and he's verbally abusive, probably physically too although I haven't seen for sure. He BEGS ODIN to release him from some shackles after he's been punished by being shackled to his annoying overly doting wife as a punishment. Somehow, she just puts up with all of this and acts like she loves him, when there is clearly nothing to love about comic book Loki! (unless you are a masochist). SO RIDICULOUS!!! UGH!!! Anyway, she's somehow in love with him, dont ask me how the hell that happened, and she does all this stuff for him, to save him and to bring him back. And he does make a few little gestures in a few places like he cares for her, maybe loves her, protective of her, but not nearly enough to have it make any sense whatsoever, that any self respecting woman would ever love him and stay with him. None at all! It is just such an insulting portrayal of a loving loyal wife as a really annoying doormat. [/end rant]

In the myth, I believe there are indications about him cheating, which isnt good, but people can have infidelity in their marriage and still love each other. It's just an extremely difficult situation to be mixed up in. Never figured marriage to the god of mischief would be easy anyway! lol... I've not found anything about him being abusive to her in any way, however and the thing about him murdering then impersonating her betrothed is a Marvel invention.

So, going forward, before Marvel even considers using Sigyn in the MCU or again in comics, they need to really seriously rethink how to handle her and that relationship, and making this character and her love story believable and with dignity. Again reading that article I linked might give them a good start. (and maybe send me an email to consult... LOL)

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