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Default Re: Favorite film in the Raimi trilogy?

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Have you never heard of people becoming physically sick because of psychological stress? It's the exact same principle here. Except instead of breaking out in a rash, or getting dizzy, or having a panic attack, or throwing up etc, Peter's powers went on the blink. That was part of his deep seated yearning to not be Spider-Man any more and live a normal life.
I am aware of it and have seen my friends go through it, but something about the execution of the plot-line just didn't ring true to me.

The thing is, I don't HATE the movie/sick story, because if I did I wouldn't rewatch a couple times a year. I think Spider-man 2 was a solid action adventure flick, and a bunch of fun. But there is a distinction I make to 'what I enjoy' and what I feel doesn't quite work if I'm being a bit more critical. The explanation to Spider-man's sickness story just feels a bit silly or convenient (for the plot, not Spider-man obviously).

Now obviously the first film does come with a number of its own flaws as well, but if I HAD to pick my favourite Raimi flick I would choose the first, with Spider-man 2 coming in a close second.

It's probably because he endured more harsh times in this one as opposed to SM-1, where the only real negative was his Uncle's death. In Spider-Man 2, being Spider-Man was the source of his problems.
You're probably right. And while I don't have any problem with Spider-man going through tough times (after all, it would be boring if he didn't) I still felt that it came across a bit heavier than was needed. In all fairness I don't know what I would have done differently, but that's how I feel. It is what it is.

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