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Default Re: Other great trilogies and where TDKR fits for you

Originally Posted by TheBat812 View Post
Ah yes, Toy Story and Back to the Future are definitely up there.

I've always really loved all the Matrix movies as well, even if the second and third couldn't quite live up to the genius of the first.
I'm a huge Matrix Trilogy fan myself. Even though the first film is easily the most well-made film of the three, it's still a rich universe and a great story overall. It's also just really cool to have a mythical, hero's journey type of trilogy that's R-rated and ballsy.

Granted, I think the TDK trilogy is every bit as ballsy, and more mature, while still being PG-13. I have to still have a trilogy marathon to see where The Dark Knight trilogy stands overall for me, as a film series. It might very well be my favorite of all time. I know it definitely is my personal favorite and the one I feel most strongly connected to. That's why it's hard for me to rate it more objectively at the moment. I don't know if I'd call it "better" than the original Star Wars trilogy, but the thing is I was born three years after ROTJ came out. I never got to experience waiting in line in 1980, the utter shock of the revelation that Vader was Luke's father. I grew up loving the Star Wars films, but always felt jipped of truly experiencing them. Nolan's trilogy felt like the closest I'd get to that monumental, generation-defining series, just like Star Wars was. And I believe it deserves that reputation and will stand the test of time. Batman was popular before and will always be popular, but this series really made everyone lose their minds for him. It became socially acceptable to pretty much talk about Batman every day, because everyone knew someone who was obsessed.

(Fingers crossed for the new SW trilogy being a new cultural phenomenon though!)

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