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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

Originally Posted by TheBat812 View Post
That is exactly the implication. And to me it means they're too terrified to leave their homes because the city is in control of convicts and terrorists. That certainly doesn't seem like a good state to me...
Yes initally its not a good state. I could expect this for a few weeks maybe even a month but it stays under occupation for 5 months now I can't buy that the city would remain just people hiding indoors for that whole time. Some may, I personally can't. I think the city would be out of control yes many would still be hiding indoors but I think Bane would have at least ruffled some stuff up even though he did want control or some people would have attempted a rebellion (even if Bane did have a nuke).

As stupid as this may sound out of the whole trilogy this is the one thing that really didn't ring true for me in the world of this film. This is the same city where even at the mere mention of blowing up a hospital or that a mayor would be getting killed that the city broke down in to chaos (remember the jammed streets/panic outside the studio/clogged up boats). I know Bane had a bomb but I cant believe those people just ran and hid. Like I said if this was a solo Bat-film it would make sense if they hid but after what I saw in TDK this just irked me a little. I can see why some understand it but it just feels off to me.

The above is MY OPINION and ONLY my opinion please do not think of it as fact or a statement of fact it is merely what I feel.

Psychic though? That sounds like something out of science-fiction.

We live in a spaceship, dear.

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