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Default Re: Other great trilogies and where TDKR fits for you

Originally Posted by Deserana View Post
I really am surprised at how much TDKR has disappointed some posters here. As a massive massive fan of BB and TDK I walked out of TDKR loving every single minute it had to offer. It wasn't until I looked on here that I noticed whatever flaws it had to offer (which weren't even that many IMO).
Same here.

I'll say TDK Trilogy is my favourite. It's perfect to me, flaws and all...if that makes any sense. Nothing is perfect, NOTHING. When you can live with the imperfections and deal with it and then come to enjoy them over time, that's what i call perfect. And i just connect with all 3 movies like no other trilogy.

I find it hard to classify LOTR or Star Wars or X-Men as trilogies. I guess you would have to divide them up. But even so, the Rings movies and original Star Wars trilogy always had a much weaker film in there. For me anyway.

Same with Godfather 3 or Back To The Future 3. I can't really say i love any full trilogies really..besides Nolans Bat movies. Evil Dead comes close but Army Of Darkness is like a spin-off or different genre all together. They also might make Evil Dead 4 with Bruce Campbell (after the remake). So it may not be a trilogy for long.

We'll see how the Star Trek movies progress. Same with Man Of Steel. The last Kill Bill movie should be out in a few years, so there's that plus Tarantino says Inglourious Basterds/Django Unchained make up 2/3 of a trilogy. So im sure my list could be filled up over the years.

One big dissapointment for me was that the Daniel Craig-James Bond movies weren't made like a trilogy. Starting with Casino Royale to Skyfall to a final film. Too bad! Quantum of Solace was a letdown and there's a couple more lined up. It's cool but it could have been an INSANE trilogy.

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