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Default Re: The Captain America/Chris Evans Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
So folks, after seeing all that Steve Rogers can do within the last two films that he's been in, who would you guys say could win in a fight between Steve Rogers and Blonksy (Pre Abomination Phase but post 1st Serum Injection/Culver Campus Stage)?

Rogers would have won, easily. Blonsky appeared faster at points, though when Steve was chasing the HYDRA assassin through Brooklyn he clocked 60 mph easily. Also, the shots of Blonsky running from Hulk showed him against static objects, which made him appear to be moving very fast.

In terms of physical strength, however, Captain America is obviously superior to Blonsky. He was literally putting his fist through the aliens' faces, cutting off limbs with single blows, breaking necks, etc. Cap also withstood Thor hitting him full force with Mjolnir. Even though the shield dispersed a lot of the energy, Cap was still holding and bracing it. I think that blow would have planted Blonsky in the turf. So the edge goes to Captain America all the way, in my opinion.

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