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Default Re: The (potential) Masters of Evil thread

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Yeah, the only comment I've heard Weaving make about the subject was about not really wanting to do Red Skull again, specifically.

But yes, there's no way Skully would ever wind up being the henchman of Thanos or anyone else, for that matter. Nor would Loki ever consent to serving anyone else, and he would absolutely balk at the suggestion that Thanos (or anybody) is his boss.

That's what makes putting together an MoE very all the comic book incarnations, you get one particular leader organizing (loosely) the gang. But if you get a whole bunch of evil masterminds in the same room, nobody's going to consent to being governed by the others.

Loki is already Thanos' lackey. The story of how Thanos used Loki as his surrogate in seeking to obtain the Tesseract provided the subtext in The Avengers. Loki owes Thanos everything: his life, his scepter and the army he used to try to capture the Tesseract and conquer the Earth. Had Thanos not pulled Loki out of the void he would have died; had Thanos not given him power and an army he would never have been able to invade the Earth. Now that Loki has failed to fulfill his end of his bargain with the Mad Titan, he ought to be looking over his shoulder every second, in fear of the retribution that The Other promised.

In TA2 I hope we'll see all of Loki's chickens come home to roost in the form of an enraged Thanos seeking revenge. It's impossible to imagine that Thanos won't want to punish the Jotun traitor for failing him. Loki is a great villain, who deserves great suffering for his crimes. Hopefully we will see Loki tormented the way Gamora was, or at the very least enslaved like Mephisto, when Thanos finally gets around to dealing with Loki's failure.

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