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Default Re: X-Men: Days of Future Past Speculation

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
One way of doing it - just off the top of my head - would be that the government and CIA is starting to create a mutant database after the events at the end of First Class and among the ones they find is Lorna Dane.

When they see she has magnetic powers, they recruit her to help track and trap Magneto.

Maybe she pretends to be his daughter and publicly appeals to find her father, just to attract his attention. She wouldn't really be his daughter in the film but it would be a way of dealing with the family link, especially since the comics told us for decades that she was not his daughter. When she was first introduced, she was deceived into thinking Magneto was her father, so it could be the other way round in the movie.
thats a pretty great idea.
I agree that they dont neccesary have to be family, just to adress the idea that they could be family seems pretty fine to me.
To have a scene where Erik feels she could be related to his family seems like a really interesting scene for movie universe. He has been alone for his WHOLE life, so it would be a great scene. It would show the human side of Erik and how he needs someone close to him like all of us.

we cant deny its a great concept and it would be a smart move by the creative team.

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