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Default Re: Sigyn Goddess of Fidelity and Wife of Loki

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
I suppose that might be one reason why women's struggles, such as in raising a family, have not been celebrated in the same way historically. They often are not physical or culminating in a 20-minute showdown, but rather a day-to-day grind requiring mental toughness to get up each morning and try again.

So Sigyn could be seen as brave, especially since her sacrifice is unsung. (No one will tell stories of this day.)
Yes, exactly. And some of the greatest heros in our society are those who never expect or require the glory and accolades but do what they do because it is what is right and what must be done.

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
Yeah, that was embarrassing. I have the impression Portman put that stuff in to humanize the character. Now, a lot of times, female characters get put through a damned if you do/damned if you don't filter. So if Portman hadn't done that, maybe everyone would have been grumbling about how cold the characterization of Jane was.
Oh, I dont know, I would have been happier if Darcy gave him some looks and comments and Jane said, "Darcy, I've hit this guy with our vehicle *twice* he may have head injury. He may be a mental patient for all we know. He may be someone's husband and father. Try using a bit more sensitivity to another human being who is in trouble right now and probably has family worried sick about him. He is not a piece of meat. Okay?" I would have LOVED Jane at that moment. Quite frankly. She would have seemed much more worthy of the man who would be worthy of Mjolnir.

I mean, it's one thing to oogle a good looking actor who is clearly fully in charge of all of his faculties, from far far away, it's another to oogle someone right in front of you who you believe to either have suffered a serious head injury or may be a mental patient. BIG difference! Tsk... tsk... That just turned me off that part of the story big time.

There have been indications regarding the progression/evolution of the characters and relationship, so I suspect there will be less of the total flibadagibit stuff in Thor2. (at least I hope!)
I would hope!

One of the commenters mentioned her.
I missed that but I was thinking more of the article itself.

Apparently, Thor is not running Asgard right now in the books. It's currently called Asgardia, and it is run by the All-Mothers. Idunn, Gaea, and Freyja. Let me say that again: the All-Mothers.

I'm not able to post the panel showing the All-Mothers directly into this message. But here's the link to the post that talks about it, with the image:

Now, the one (Idunn, I think) on the left has the typical stupid armor that so many other female characters have had (and heels too!). But look at the one in the center! (Gaea) Holding a baby and a weapon! (I guess she's in heels too) So one of the leaders has motherhood as a central part of her identity. And she looks quite confident she can handle whatever challenge you might be thinking of bringing. (Though she would have to hand off the baby to use the bow.) Certainly this is a very different treatment of someone who is parenting.

It's both novel and ancient, because of course a trio of women representing Maiden/Mother/Crone figures in many mythologies (by process of elimination, the one on the right, Freyja, should be representing Crone, and she looks *marvelous* as a crone!).

Now I have no idea whether the stories about them are well-written, nor how they came to be in charge of Asgard(ia). But this image fascinates me. The All-Mothers are running Asgard. And it's one of the little bits of evidence I see from time to time that make me hopeful that things are changing.
Ah, yes I checked elsewhere and Gaea is the mother, and Freya is the queen not the crone. Although technically I think Freya is the goddess of fertility, she is referred to somewhere as being Sigyn's mother, (with a dwarf as her father) but I have no idea if that is based on original lore or something more recently made up. There's a lot of conflicting information out there about all of these Norse myths, it seems like lots of fan fiction writers added to it over the centuries. lol. Remember I said that I found one story where Angrboda (Old Norse "the one who brings grief" or "she-who-offers-sorrow") is not Loki's wife prior to Sigyn, but is instead a nasty giantess who the gods kill and burn with fire, and when Loki eats her roasted heart the three monsters/children spring from him after that. That seems much more like it may fit into the Norse myth. But again who knows at this point.

Idunn's outfit, ugh.... being a *ahem* well endowed female, I can say with utmost certainty that unless that bra goes on with superglue it ain't stayin' on in a fight (but perhaps that's the appeal to some. lol)

Well, in the Viking Age, expectations of fidelity were different for men and women. And people did not marry for love (that was a concept that emerged (Edit: for the West) in the 17th century (Edit: moreso in the 18th)). Men, as the scholars phrase it, had "access to other women". I'm not immediately familiar with particular stories about Loki (other than the one about him birthing Sleipnir ), but what you've described doesn't sound out of step with these different expectations. Tor of myth also had women on the side.
Yes, I almost mentioned that. The effort in the films and the comics should be to moderize the stories however to keep them relevant to today.

I have the impression that Loki disliked his wife. She deserved better.
Like i said, seems like there have been some "fan fiction" writers over the centuries and there is unfortunately not enough of the original lore about her and her original relationship with her husband to determine that. I would think Loki of any incarnation would be much happier married to the "Victory bringer" Sigyn than "She-who-offers-sorrow" Angrboda in any case! lol One could certainly see how either comic book or MCU Loki would want a woman like that by his side, and to keep her by his side. But they missed the opportunity to show that in the comics, lets hope they dont make the same mistake in MCU (or future comics incarnations of her)

Sigyn and many other female characters need to be treated with greater dignity.

And. . . .who knows? Maybe someone from Marvel lurks here. . .
Absolutely. And maybe that's why I'm bothering to write my thoughts of aggravation about this subject down here, in the hopes they may have people keeping an eye on boards like this to see what the public's opinions on things are. You never know who may be reading!

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