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Default Re: Sigyn Goddess of Fidelity and Wife of Loki

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
The entirety of that speech I think would have come off preachy. But perhaps she could have said, exasperatedly, "Darcy!" (or maybe, "Down, Darcy.") instead of just quickly glancing away.
Fair enough. LOL it's just my knee jerk reaction to that to want someone to step up and say, "What the hell? Are you really going to treat this guy like a piece of meat right now?! REALLY??!? GEEZUS!"

But maybe the writer wanted to start with that, but then put a twist on it.
as a "fan service" yes probably

Another complicating factor is that the Vikings didn't really record their culture. What we have was recorded after Christianization of Scandinavia. Scholars think that sometime the authors would mischaracterise the actual Viking beliefs to portray them in a bad light and thus promote Christianity.
Exactly, my understanding is that commonly happened to the old ways as Christianity took hold. So characters like Loki may very well have been villainized much much more than was initially intended, and made into more of a satanic figure. And his loyal wife by extension would have had most of her story conveniently disappear due to the fact that it would have humanized and made him much more sympathetic to people.

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