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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

The Joker and his men arrive at their location in a white van for what The Joker has called a day of fun.

The Joker says, "All-right everyone get your gas masks on and get ready to hit them with The Venom."

One of the men asks, "What? Here? The DMV?"

The Joker looks at him with an expression of both anger and wonder. The other 3 back away quickly.

The Joker lets out a laugh and He says, "HA HA HA HA HA HA! Oh watching you three back away pricelees! Now concering why we are here. Remember I said we were going to liven up the dullest place on the planet. Is there anything duller than the DMV? So many people just wanting to get in and out of here never taking any joy here."

The henchmen look at one another and The Joker says, "Besides I usually give you all jobs to do. In this case I'm gonna let you do some improving. See a cell-phone you like get it! Want some quick cash? Have at the cash drawer! Wanna have some fun with someone go ahead! Make it quick though! You follow me?"

They all nod and are much more agreeable and The Joker says, "Good! Only one rule when it's time to go! We go! Anyone not moving it to the door let me say it'll be your last mistake."

The group exits the van behind the alleyway behind the DMV and they release the Venom Gas in through the airvents. Hearing the sounds of hysterical laughter The Joker nods and says, "Sounds like they're having a good time! Let's join in boys! HA HA HA HA!"

The Joker kicks open the back door and they enter. His henchmen scatter as The Joker walks over to one of the computer terminals left open.

He says to a worker rolling on the floor with laughter, "Well that was awfully nice of you to have the computer already set for me!"

The Joker pulls out an I-Pad and begins to copy and download dozens and dozens of records.

The Joker sees the information he has gotten and says, "Perfecto! This ought to be good for a start."

He looks out and sees his men committing various acts and he says, "Oh my children. Having so much fun they probably never have a better day than today. So why bother trying to top it."

With that The Joker presses a button and The Henchmen suddenly realizes their masks are now filling up with the Venom Gas. They too fall over dead laughing.

The Joker says, "Well now that they're all happy guess it's time for me to go."

The Joker exits the DMV and gets into the sewer system after he is a few feet away he presses a button and the van explodes taking the DMV with it.

He nods and says, "Gonna have to make sure I catch this on the news."

The Joker makes his way back to his hideout.

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