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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

Hanger 24 at LaGuardia Airport is a rather busy hub of activity as Fulton Walker's private Gulf-Stream is being prepped for flight. Edward strolls through in a blonde wig and fake mustache, a black leather trench coat and sunglasses.

He gets to the supervisor's office and glances at he name on the door and the secretary's name. Edward flashes a badge at a secretary and says, "Owens TSA need to talk to Mr. Hansen right now."

She asks, "Do you have an appointment Mr. Owens?"

Edward replies, "Surprise inspection need to see him now."

She says, "I'm sorry sir Mr. Hansen is in a conference call right now."

Edward says, "Look Mrs. Billings you either get Mr. Hansen for me right now. Otherwise I will not only cite you and Mr. Hansen for interference with a Government Officer but I got friends at the I-R-S how would you both like to audited back to the Stone Age?"

Billingsly replies, "One moment sir may take your badge to show Mr. Hansen?"

He gives her the badge and she leaves the area. A couple of moments later she re-enters and says, "Mr. Hansen will see you right away Agent Owens."

Edward nods and follows her back to Mr. Hansen's office. Billingsly leaves and Hansen asks, "What can I do for the TSA today Agent Owens?"

Edward replies, "Hansen Fulton Walker flies an awful lot overseas and we in the Government are somewhat curious about his possible dealings with certain, shall we say, people who's interests could be seen as counter to ours in someways. I just need to do a quick check on the plane to make sure he isn't smuggling anything into the country before he leaves again."

Hansen nods and asks, "Do you have the SG-2446 form and a warrant?"

Edward looks at Hansen and smiles as he replies, "Good you know your procedures."

Edward pulls out from his pocket the proper forms and hands them to Hansen. He studies them and says, "All-right Agent Owens the plane is yours. Go on out there I'll call my people off. Will 2 hours be enough?"

Edward replies, "I'll be done about half that time. I'm checking specfic areas It's not a nose to tail besides I know you got better things to be doing than playing baby-sitter to a Government flunkie."

Hansen hands the papers back to Edward and says, "No offense but you're right. I gotta get back to my call and we're busy enough."

Edward says, "None taken. Once I'm done, since technically I'm not supposed to be here, I'll just leave unless I find something odd."

Hansen replies, "Fine by me."

The two men shake hands and Edward leaves the office and boards the plane.

He slips on a pair of gloves and begins studying the plane. Eventually he pulls out two bottles of booze and sticks them into the wet bar.

Edward sees no one around and leaves the hanger. He goes around the corner and pulls off his tenchcoat and flips it twice. The coat now looks like a pair of coveralls and he then flips the wig which is now a baseball hat. Edward then flips his badge which now looks like an employees badge.

Edward then proceeds to make his way through the outside of the airport to a parking garage to a blue chevy that he unlocks. He sees no one around and rips the coveralls off revealing a shirt and tie. Edward throws them in the car and drives away.

Edward arrives at his home and then parks the car in a secret garage. He walks through the garage into a workshop/weapons room.

Edward then texts the following message to the FBI & NYPD servers:

Riddle me this if the Greatest Generation bombed a city today who would their rally cry be?

He says, "The answer is Walker Away."

Once he sees the message has been sent he presses a button under a shelf. An oil-drum sized hole opens in the middle of the floor containing a barrell of hydrocoloric acid. Edward drops his airport disguise in the acid along with the phone he used to text the message.

Edward then has a bottle of water and reviews his plan.

When the jet reaches it's crusing altitude those bottles will crack and when those chemicals touch other they'll start a chain reaction with all the other alcohol and then boom. Between the altitude and the ocean all the evidence is destroyed and it'll be labled as a plane crash.

24 hours later the world is shocked to learn that Billionare Industrialist is killed in a plane crash.

Edward then checks his special account and sees that Norman Osborn has made his payment on time.

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