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Default Re: Best Superman Movie

1. Superman The Movie - still the greatest superhero film of all-time in my opinion. Will always be that special film for me that had me in awe as a child.

2. Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut - not quite the version of Superman II that I wanted to see for a long time but pretty darn close to it. The reuse of the turn back time ending lets it down abit (even if it was the original intended ending) and the scene used from the screen tests (great scene but the change in looks is very distracting). But that aside the fight in Metropolis with the added scenes I.e. the Punch (much better than the lane looking kick in Lester's version) and of course the Marlon Brando scenes make this the definitive version if Superman II.

3. Superman Returns - although the film has its problems Kate Bosworth as Lois Labe, the kid, no supervillain, the retread of the Donner films etc it still has some really great Superman moments and as a film I do like it a lot. The plane sequence is still the greatest scene I have ever seen in a film, it's just unbelievably epic. The elevator change and Spacey's Lex are highlights for me and I especially like Brandon Routh as Superman. The film does lag at the end but all in all it's a solid movie despite its problems.

4. Superman II - Richard Lester's version has a massive amount of problems that even bugged me as a child: Zod been able to levitate a gun, the cellophane S, the unbearable jokey moments I.e man on skates, man laughing in phone box etc and of course finally the memory kiss. Replacing Jor El with Superman's mother didn't have the same emotional impact it was at least plausible. But it is a fun movie, I even think the Eiffel Tower opening is much better than the opening to the Donner version, but it's hard to enjoy this film with its flaws.

5. Superman III - there is so much wrong with this film, boring villains, too many hokey moments ad if course the miscasting/misdirection of the use of Richard Pryor. However, this film does feature (in my opinion) the best if Chris Reeve's performances as the Man of Steel. The epic Clark Kent vs Superman scene and if course evil Superman were the highlights if the film. It's a shame the series lost its way so badly.

6. Superman IV: The Quest For Peace - just awful, the fx, the plot, the acting, one of the worst films I have ever seen. Such a shame cause there were good intentions.

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