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Default Re: The Official "Get Marvel's Rights Back!" Thread

Originally Posted by Dr Tactics View Post
No not directly but I was saying that if x men had more continuity then they could have set it up as previous movies selling the next movie like the x films are just continuations from the others but with the continuity mess they really can't do that though they'd try. That is what marvel studios got right and fox hasn't and IMO if you fall short even a million dollars for something that could have been fixed then it's a issue. They should've never put themselves into a position that their x-men movie can get so picked apart by anyone that really pays attention.
The thing is your average movie viewer doesn't obsess over minutiae. The biggest problem with First Class was Raven's wonky characterization compared to X1-3. Other than that, little details like "Beast looks different" won't even register for people who haven't seen X-Men 3 since 2006.

I'm not claiming that continuity errors are excusable, I'm just saying no one said "I'm not going to see X-Men: First Class because Beast is a different shade of blue." or "I Hear Magneto doesn't make Cerebro, **** this noise."

If anything they went "X-Men without Wolverine? What's the point?"

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