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Default Re: The Official "Get Marvel's Rights Back!" Thread

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
The thing is your average movie viewer doesn't obsess over minutiae. The biggest problem with First Class was Raven's wonky characterization compared to X1-3. Other than that, little details like "Beast looks different" won't even register for people who haven't seen X-Men 3 since 2006.

I'm not claiming that continuity errors are excusable, I'm just saying no one said "I'm not going to see X-Men: First Class because Beast is a different shade of blue." or "I Hear Magneto doesn't make Cerebro, **** this noise."

If anything they went "X-Men without Wolverine? What's the point?"
I agree but they didn't go see it because they weren't that interested because the CBM enthusiasts weren't even that enthusiastic. One thing I will say that Star Trek, Star Wars, CBM are unique (And this is my opinion) that If their core audience raves about the movie the GA will follow. If the reviews are great then even more will see it. Then it makes 400mil or more domestically. Everybody dismisses the fanboy but I look at the trend. Outside of Transformers when you have a niche genre like a CBM or Star-"Whatever" you have to fully sell your base (Just like politics) when you sell your base your base sells it to everyone else. Marketing is supposed to be viral. If your base virus is weak then it won't spread. Thats where Fox failed. They didn't just change or mess with continuity a little,they outright insulted their core by mostly dismissing them and prioritizing the budget over the quality..

Hence low BO returns.. And something that simple as not insulting your base with subtle and not so subtle continuity gaffes is why they failed

To add. Look how Disney failed with John Carter. They had this crazy expensive marketing blitz but nobody cared and nobody saw it. Why because the people they were selling to weren't interested. I know I wasn't and I'm a Sci-Fi Buff

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