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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

Originally Posted by Deserana View Post
I have to disagree with this. Like I said earlier Rachel was the only issue that was actually talked about in length and for good reason. Bruce was under the assumption that once Gotham didn't need Batman they'd be together. In TDKR that happens but Rachel is dead AND his city is also built on a lie and that lie is based around a man who became the very thing Bruce was trying to prevent and he was made that way by a psychopath who in a roundabout way was only around because Batman was around. I certainly wouldn't say it was Rachel.

Surely if it was Rachel Bruce would never have been able to get back into the suit and find peace at the end? The film in general is about moving on. Not about getting over a lost girlfriend though that is a big part of it.
Absolutely. Not to mention, Bruce losing Rachel was always a mirror for him losing his parents. There's a reason the scenes following the Waynes' funeral and Rachel's death are pretty much exactly the same.

Bruce looking out window at Rachel/Bruce staring out window
"Prepared you some suppah"/"prepared you some breakfast"
Bruce ignores/feels like it's his fault, etc.

All scored to the same music cue. In TDKR, you see the pictures of the Waynes and of Rachel around Wayne Manor. Extremely painful memories. It shows that the past is always there haunting him, even if he's numb to it. Rachel's death is a cruel twist in many ways. It brings him right back to the loss he felt as a boy, plus it was the one thing anchoring him to the idea of one day living a normal life again. In TDK he's able to bounce back extremely quickly and do what needs to be done. Joker was too urgent a threat for him to mourn. That's the strength he has as Batman. But eventually, he loses that too. He's just left to rot. That doesn't make him an emo mope. He just went from damaged goods, to really damaged goods.

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