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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

Part 3

"Take 'em down!"

The remaining thugs opened fire on Isamot, but the Lantern erected an emerald shield around his body, their plasma bolts absorbed into it's shimmering surface.
One of the goons pulled out a grenade and rolled it at Isamot.

Norrin immediately revealed himself and created a dome that covered the explosive just before it blew up. Attached to the dome was a funnel that led the fiery destruction from the blast right to the sentient who had thrown the bomb. The funnel covered the man before he could react, and he was instantly incinerated from the fire.

The remaining two thugs fled the bar, but Isamot was hot on their heels.

"You don't get off that easy", the warrior Lantern snarled at the villains as he ensnared them both with an emerald net.

Helpless, Isamot walked up to the terrified criminals, appearing as intimidating as possible.

"You threaten that man or any of his again", Isamot began as Norrin floated up.
"What we did to your friends will seem like paradise to what we'll do to you. Got me?"

The thugs quickly shook their heads in agreement, and Isamot dispelled the net, letting them sprint away in defeat.

Norrin Radd looked around at the large crowd of awestruck sentients that surrounded them. A crowd that was growing bigger as word of two real life Green Lanterns began to spread.

"This isn't good", Norrin Radd commented.
"We need to go, now."

, Isamot agreed as the growing mass made him feel uncomfortable.
"Let's go find our wayward Lantern."

Norrin Radd and Isamot Kol silently flew into the night sky, heading out into the rocky badlands towards the self-exiled Green Lantern that they needed to convince to come home...


The streak of yellow fire scorched a path through the void of space, rocketing to a small, brown planet. The yellow object slowed down and came to a stop just outside the world's orbit, revealing itself to be a Fear Lantern, radiating a powerful aura of yellow energy.

The Fear Lantern pulled his ring in front of his face, and it began to shine brightly.

"This is Omega Lantern Reptyl reporting. I have traced the energy signature of two Green Lanterns to a remote world. I will send another message as soon as I have identified them and have dealt with the vermin."

Reptyl end the transmission and looks down at the worthless ball of mass underneath him.
As an Omega, he was chosen as one of the elite in the service of fear, and was granted a special gift from their Lord, Parallax. Reptyl is unique among his peers in that he has the ability to track anything across the vastness of space, as long as he first is able to catch it's cosmic "scent."
And, much to the doom of Norrin Radd and Isamot Kol, Reptyl has tracked them and is moving in for the kill.

Like a bolt of lightning, the Omega descended down to the planet, moving to engage his hated enemy...

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